Cultural Typhoon in Europe 2017

Cultural Typhoon in Europe (CTE), 2017 / International Conference
Beware, Utopia! Virtual, Actual And Past Visions of Urban Futures

Organizers: Institute for Applied Heterotopia & Institute for Near Eastern and East Asian Cultures and Civilizations, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg

>>> The idea of this event is inspired by the Cultural Typhoon, an international conference taking place annually in Japan since 2003, bringing together academics, artists and activists at stimulating locations. This year’s CTE in Nürnberg tries to carry on the enthusiastic spirit of the first European Cultural Typhoon which took place in Vienna in 2016.

>>> The Cultural Typhoon in Europe (CTE) provides a forum for young scholars (with a specialization in Media and Cultural Studies, Urban Planning, Anthropology or the Social Sciences) as well as social activists and artists with an interest in urban cultures and politics or textual and visual representations of the (future) city. Taking place at HEIZHAUS, a cultural laboratory of a realized urban utopia next to the grounds of Nürnberg’s QUELLE mail-order firm – now being a space of contestation regarding its future usage – we couldn’t have thought of a more suitable place to match the subject and the venue of this year’s Cultural Typhoon in Europe!

>>> Moreover, to facilitate a productive dialogue between academic, artistic and activist contributions, this year’s CTE will experiment with a special open space format to create a dynamic laboratory, coordinated from a head quarter located in a futuristic model of a rocket. Thereby, HEIZHAUS will provide its garages, media studios, co-working-spaces and other facilities not only for the purpose of presenting papers, artistic installations and performances, but also to stimulate debate and exchange beyond academia.

>>> Because many scholars and researchers are very busy and/or bound to places, other than Nürnberg in the end of September. We still want to give them a chance to participate in the conference and add their points of views through their contributions. Therefore we encourage submissions of pre-recorded presentations, films and movies which are dealing with the conference topic in an academic, artistic or activist way. If possible, we would include a tele-mediated Q&A session with the contributors after the screening of their presentations.